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XRF398 C

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
KD6DKH KD6DKH XRF748 C XRF398 C 170301-14:40:40
K6IJ K6IJ XRF748 C XRF398 C 170301-01:08:54
KE6BJL KE6BJL XRF748 C XRF398 C 170301-00:40:37
K6FED K6FED XRF748 C XRF398 C 170301-00:06:12
N6BPA N6BPA XRF748 C XRF398 C 170228-20:40:30
KE6CAG KE6CAG XRF748 C XRF398 C 170227-23:50:19
W6CKC W6CKC XRF748 C XRF398 C 170227-00:14:18
K6AII K6AII XRF748 B K6AII 170226-23:55:36
KK7RV KK7RV XRF748 C XRF398 C 170226-23:11:44
NS4F NS4F XRF748 A NS4F 170221-19:15:48
K6FED C K6FED C XRF748 C XRF398 C 170221-18:06:22
KB2SQ KB2SQ XRF748 C KB2SQ 170220-17:27:34
WQ6I WQ6I XRF748 C XRF398 C 170220-00:42:25
N6RC N6RC XRF748 C XRF398 C 170219-23:50:33
K6LDK K6LDK XRF748 C XRF398 C 170219-23:08:06
KA6QDE KA6QDE XRF748 C XRF398 C 170216-23:35:18
KC6VMB KC6VMB XRF748 C XRF398 C 170214-23:39:35
W9SUS W9SUS XRF748 C W9SUS 170213-10:17:38
WW9W WW9W XRF748 A WW9W 170211-18:08:01
KG4FIL KG4FIL XRF748 A KD4MB 170208-12:39:32
N3KC N3KC XRF748 A N3KC 170207-16:06:53
WW4ALC WW4ALC XRF748 A WW4ALC 170206-15:34:14
N5YT N5YT XRF748 C N5YT 170204-15:06:35
W4LDD W4LDD XRF748 C W4LDD 170204-15:04:10

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